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Michigan St neighbors shaken after shooting leaves 2 injured from crossfire

Separate shootings late Thursday sent three people to Indianapolis hospitals.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metro Police are investigating two shootings that injured three people late Thursday.

Police said two people found themselves caught in the crossfire when shots rang out near them.

An IMPD spokesperson the couple was found around 10 p.m. in the 4000 block of East Michigan Street, which is near Sherman Drive.

One victim, an adult man, sustained had sustained what is being described as a graze wound. The other person, a woman, was taken to a hospital for treatment and was said to be in "stable" condition..

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Maj. Michael Leepper told 13News they believe the pair was caught in the middle when two groups of people began firing gunshots at each other. The man and woman were inside a recreational vehicle which was struck by the gunfire.

It was just one of several shootings reported around the city this week.

As police work to solve the increase in cases, many around Indianapolis are finding themselves cleaning up the damage left behind. For neighbors living along East Michigan Street, many are feeling shaken after a Thursday's double shooting.

"It's pretty scary, yeah," said Denise Conrady, who lives along East Michigan Street.

Conrady, whose home is across the street from where the shooting broke out, said it happened quickly. At first, she said, it was unclear if it was gunfire or fireworks.

"But very loud and very rapid," Conrady said.

Speaking soon after that shooting Thursday night, Nightwatch Commander Mike Leepper said IMPD is laser-focused on curbing gun violence and stopping this pattern from the past few days with multiple shootings a night.

"It ebbs and flows," he said. "We have periods where we see this and it's unfortunate that people resort to guns to solve their problems. But I can assure you, the top of the priority list for Indianapolis Metro Police department is to curb this gun violence."

Friday afternoon, the man wounded inside his RV is now left to clean up what's left of his camper, much of it destroyed by the gunfire. He said he's unsure what he'll do next.

Next door, neighbors there had cars shot up and windows broken from the shooting. Conrady it was scary, but she's relieved it wasn't worse.

"I'm just grateful that no one died. I'm fond of the people in the white house, I don't know the people in the RV but I'm very fond of them and it would break my heart to hear that someone was seriously injured or died," Conrady said.

Now, she and her neighbors are planning to put up cameras around their homes, so if anything else happens on their block, they'll have recorded. They're hopeful that this violent night can be left in the past.

"Will I move? Not anytime soon," Conrady said. "I just kind of see it like the lightning struck, hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact IMPD.

About 10 minutes before the Michigan Street shooting, officers responding to a report of a shooting in the 2300 block of North Dearborn Street found a victim with an injury "consistent with a gunshot wound(s)." That person was taken to a hospital. Police didn't provide a condition for the victim but said they were "awake and breathing."

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