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How to make sure your furnace is ready for the extreme cold

The number one issue seen by HVAC techs is a dirty furnace filter.

INDIANAPOLIS — Single-digit temperatures are heading to central Indiana. 

To be prepared, the experts at Williams Comfort Air have tips to prepare your home for the extreme cold. 

Check your furnace filter 

The number one issue they see is a dirty furnace filter. If it is discolored, toss it and buy a new one. It will help things work as efficiently as possible.  

“If it is not changed, it can add additional stress to the system and if it eventually clogs, it will limit the airflow and then the system will stop working,” said Matt Tyner with Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber.  

Keep a consistent thermostat temperature 

Keep the temperature in your home the same throughout the day and night to limit how much your furnace needs to run. Otherwise, it will need to “catch up” to the new temperature and add additional stress.  

Remove anything blocks vents 

Check the vents in your home to make sure nothing is restricting the airflow. This will ensure all the warm air will enter all your rooms properly.  

Close blinds and curtains 

To keep the warm air in, close blinds and curtains to act as another layer of insulations.  

Limit door use 

Use your doors as little as possible to keep all the warm air from escaping 

If you do run into an issue, the experts at Williams Comfort Air suggest calling early in the morning. 

“That way we can get you on the schedule because most HVAC companies across the city are going to be absolutely overwhelmed,” Tyner said.  

Their team will be available 24/7. They have extra team members working this weekend and next week.  

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