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How much sugar does your sport drink really have?

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Dave Patania/Eyewitness News

With a string of 90 degree days this summer, you may have quenched your thirst with the popular sport drinks on the market, but cooling off after a workout doesn't have to be so sweet.

You put everything into your workout, but when it's time to hydrate, what are you putting into you?

Popular sport drinks are designed to replenish what is burned, but how much sugar is in each drink my surprise you.

A 20 ounce Powerade weighs in with over seven teaspoons of sugar. Powerade's low sugar option - just over one.

A 32 ounce Gatorade - a staggering 14 teaspoons of sugar. Gatorade's lower sugar brand, Propel 16 ounces, only one and a half teaspoons.

A 20 ounce Vitamin Water tips the scales with just over seven teaspoons.

High sugar intake is one of the main contributing factors to obesity in the country. Some people choose a sport drink thinking it's the better choice., never knowing how sweet it really is.

Remember, your sport drink doesn't have to have all that sugar. Sometimes less is more.