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Hoosier couple builds inter-generational home for families

While one family lives upstairs, their elderly parents would live on an identical first floor with access to the basement.

INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a home on Rookwood Avenue in Butler-Tarkington unlike any other.

Brenda Vance-Paschal and her husband Prinest designed and built it.

"We were thinking as our parents age, it would be nice to have them close but not too close,” Brenda said.

The design is called an inter-generational home, offering families the opportunity to live with their elderly loved ones.

As the U.S. Census reports about 10,000 seniors turning 65 every day, the couple felt this home could help others.

“Being grandparents ourselves, we said, 'we think we can do this,' have one family on the first floor, the other on the second floor, and this will work," Brenda said.

The custom-built, 3,600-square foot home has three levels.    

The first floor and second floor are identical, each boasting 1,300-square feet of space. They each have a living room, kitchen, bathrooms, three bedrooms and plenty more.

One family would stay upstairs, while their elderly parents would have access to the first floor and even a finished 1,200-square foot basement.    

The Paschals began building the home in October, but five months later, COVID-19 hit. Thousands became infected and many died, including elderly residents in nursing homes.     

Brenda said that drove home the need for inter-generational housing.

"If that loved one had been able to stay home, they could see that person. They could help them. They could nurture them. They could touch them. They could hug them, all the things that we want to do when our loved one is sick," Brenda said. "Even though they're quarantined, if you just hear a friendly voice, that makes all the difference in the world."

 The couple said they plan on building more of these homes so that any family can call it home.

View the property, or contact Brenda directly at (773) 447-8375 or email blvancevance@yahoo.com. 

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