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Heartland's 'Indy Shorts' film festival starts Tuesday

Heartland Film offers a new festival format, including drive-in and online options.

INDIANAPOLIS — Heartland Film is putting on its annual Indy Shorts International Film Festival this week from Tuesday through Sunday. 

But how do you run a film festival during a global pandemic, when everyone is supposed to be social distancing?

“COVID-19 just blew up the entire planning process,” explained Greg Sorvig, the Artistic Director at Heartland Film. “We (asked ourselves) a couple months ago, ‘Are we going to do a Festival? Are we going to cancel?’”

Heartland Film decided to offer a new festival format, including a drive-in movie experience and an online viewing experience.

“We have a great virtual solution, and we’ve partnered with Tibbs Drive-In to offer a ‘Hybrid Festival,’” Greg said proudly. “Four nights of screening at Tibbs Drive-In, and virtually, we enable screening of films online.”

If you would like to learn about the five ways to enjoy the Indy Shorts Film Festival, click here.

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And yes, anyone can actually see these films online and at Tibbs Drive-In. Tickets for the virtual viewings online are $7 per ticket or $11 personally at Tibbs Drive-In. 

“That is cheaper than any of our prices in the last 10 years at Heartland Film, so it's a great deal,” Greg pointed out.

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