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Healthy Easter baskets ideas

Easter is just a hop, skip and jump away (that’s bunny speak for tomorrow!).

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Easter is just a hop, skip and jump away (that’s bunny speak for tomorrow!). Sure, the easy option is to fill those pastel baskets with tons of candy. But you can build a better basket that your kids will be just as excited about with just four simple tips.

  • Think OUTSIDE the basket
    • Our kids spend way too much time inside and sedentary, playing video games, on the phone, or watching TV.
    • So give gifts that encourage activity and outdoor play to help your kids learn to live and love an active lifestyle.
    • Think about things they LOVE to do and give them something that encourages that activity.
      • New bike helmet or other bike accessories
      • Hula hoop
      • Jump rope
      • Side walk chalk
      • Even a ball to play kickball, soccer or catch
      • Bubble wands or sidewalk chalk for the younger kids.
      • Gift cards for a family trip to laser tag, rock wall climbing or bowling are perfect for older kids. Roller skating, kayaking or canoeing, trampoline park
  • Create a new hobby
    • This could be anything that your child loves or MAY love to do.
    • Music or a musical instrument (maracas, tambourine, harmonica)
    • Puzzles
    • Building sets
    • Cooking supplies
    • Craft or art supplies
    • These activities will get your kids excited and they are sugar-free.
  • Gardening
    • A small gardening kit, seeds, small pots, or child-friendly tools like gloves and a shovel
    • While it’s still a couple of weeks too early to start gardening, set a date with your kids to help them put their own green thumb to use.
    • It doesn’t have to be major project that requires a lot of time or big plot of land; herbs grow great in small containers.
    • This will teach them where food comes from and it may help them try a new vegetable or two!
  • Treat
    • What would an Easter basket be without a sweet treat? They key is to have one special edible goodie rather than including an entire basket full.
    • Healthier sweet options include dried fruit or freeze dried fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries or bananas, granola bars
    • Since only one special treat is in the basket, you could add one thing they absolutely love that is on the more indulgent side.
    • A favorite homemade treat would be a super special Easter basket addition too!
    • Here I have some homemade “Reese’s Eggs” or you could make your child’s favorite cookie, chocolate covered nuts or raisins, whatever will make that one treat super special.
  • Other ideas
    • Make searching for the basket part of the Easter fun.
    • As soon as the kids open their gifts, allow them to have time to play with them outside.
    • Make your Easter egg hunt a physical activity by including funny instructions inside each egg to help them find the other eggs (example: do 3 bunny hops before you find the next egg)

When building your child’s Easter basket, really think about what makes them tick. Include something from each category – Getting active and outside, creating a new hobby, gardening, and one special treat. Follow these guidelines and your kids will be super excited about their healthy Easter basket.