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Hagerstown businesses rally around Little League team

The success of Hagerstown's Little League team is inspiring the small Wayne County community.

HAGERSTOWN, Ind. — Searching for the heart of Hagerstown won't take too long.

“I’m not sure these boys know how big this is," said Shellie Gray, manager of The Logo Shoppe. "It’s not just Hagerstown, they’re representing Indiana.” 

With a population of about 1,700, most are wearing Hagerstown Little League World Series t-shirts The Logo Shoppe has been printing since Monday.

“We think we’ve maybe printed 1,000," said Gray, who is helping the community show support for the Little League squad that’s playing over 500 miles away in Williamsort, Pa.

“After a few days, I just said there’s not enough going on, so we just started doing stuff and trying to decorate the town," said Gray. 

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The team's success is also inspiring local restaurants like The Dairy.

“We decided to do something a kid would eat. Nacho cheese, french fires and bacon," said The Dairy's owner, Jon Bell. “A dollar out of every hamburger sold will go to the families of the Little League players to help with hotel, food, whatever their expenses are out in Williamsport.” 

That promotion has made patrons hungrier than usual. 

“We started the promotion Monday morning," said Bell. "So far, we have sold 150 hamburgers of just the World Series burger. Yesterday, we ran out of hamburgers. We close at 8:30 and we were out of hamburgers by 7:30.” 

The Dairy said it will match every dollar that is donated with a purchase of its Little League World Series burger.

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