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Greenfield snow artist back at it again with larger-than-life bullfrog

This year Rick Horton wasn't sure what to make, then it came to him: A massive bullfrog inspired by childhood memories of catching frogs at Brandywine Creek.

GREENFIELD, Ind. — In Greenfield, he's called "The Snow Artist," and he's back at it again!

Rick Horton's annual tradition is to create works of art out of snow in his front yard. 

Last year he created Grogu, a "Baby Yoda" from the Mandalorian Star Wars TV series, made from snow. The pea green-skinned alien in a brown robe stood five feet tall in Horton's front yard. 

This year Horton wasn't sure what masterpiece he would create to put on display outside his home near State Street and Forest Avenue. 

Then it came to him: A larger-than-life bullfrog.  

The iconic frog was inspired by his family's love of animals and memories of catching frogs as a kid. 

"When we were kids here in Greenfield, Indiana, we used to catch bullfrogs down at the ole fishin' hole known as Brandywine Creek, which is where poet James Whitcomb Riley used to swim," Horton said in a Facebook post.

The snow sculpture took Horton close to 12 hours to make. He began by putting four pieces of plywood together then filling the space with snow. After that, he took the wood away and started carving and shaping.

He said he's happy with how it turned out, and he's not alone! His Facebook post sharing photos of the sculpture has nearly 1,500 shares and 3,000 likes.  

Horton's tradition began in 1997 with a bust of Homer Simpson. Now once every winter he waits for the right weather and makes a snow masterpiece. 

"Building these sculptures is a painstaking event-the hardest part is moving all of the snow from my driveway and the sidewalks to the corner where I build my sculptures and then building it up large enough to work from, but I keep in mind how much everybody enjoys my Art which is the payoff," Horton said.

Credit: Rick Horton
Homer Simpson was the snow sculpture that started it all.

Last year he told 13News he was most proud of the two bald eagles he sculpted two years ago, and the rattlesnake that slithered in his snowy front yard in 2010.

Credit: Rick Horton
One of Rick Horton's favorite snow sculpture that he's created.

"The reward is all the people that come by and see it and smile and come by and forget about everything else,” said Horton of his Grogu sculpture during an interview last year. “Seeing the kids out here just in awe. That's a great feeling."

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