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Grab 'em by the ballot hopes to reshape Indiana politics

There is a movement in Indiana and across the country to get women on the ballot.
INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There is a movement in Indiana and across the country to get women on the ballot.

The filing deadline was Friday at Noon.

Hundreds of women posting pictures of their intentions online.

It is bigger than party. Bigger than generation. It is a movement born of frustration that could have nationwide ramifications from the bottom all the way to the top.

Sitting in her house in Cicero, Amie Neiling, seems to be well out of the political rat race, but don't let this scene fool you.

"Fed up. Ready for change and ready to do something about it to bring the change," Amie Neiling said.

She is part of a nationwide trend of women jumping into politics for the very first time. A group highlighted on this website. Women Reshaping Indiana or as many hashtags say Grab-em by the ballot.

"I work two jobs. I'm a nurse. I am a teacher. I walk the floor. I teach adult education classes. My husband works two jobs. We are just struggling like everyone else here and we really are not being represented," Amie explained.

So she has decided to run for State Representative in District 32.

"I am not the kind of person to let things just happen to me. I have to get in there and try to make a change. Make things better or support things that are going well," she continued.

Just last month Amie was one of many women featured in New York Magazine as poised to try and change the world of politics by running for local, state and federal office.

"As I sat around getting angry about last year’s election even though that felt good, it didn't do much to help. I realized that I could be the change we need to see," so now this married mother of three is mapping out her plan and she is not alone.

"You name it a women is running for it all over the state," she told me. What does that say I asked? "That means we are ready for a seat at the table. A voice in the discussion. We are ready to do this. Ready to have our voices heard and have that seat at the table," she summarized.

Amie found out she will not have a challenger for the Democratic nomination so it will be Amie Neiling against GOP incumbent Tony Cook.