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Tell Us Your Good News: Hoagies and Hops

Dave Calabro's search for positive stories took him to a Butler-Tarkington favorite.

INDIANAPOLIS — On the lookout for your positive, uplifting stories, Dave Calabro found himself at Hoagies and Hops, a Butler-Tarkington favorite where customers were hungry to tell us their good news.

Dave happened upon fellow sports reporter Mike Wells, who said he ordered the classic cheesesteak, "wit, whiz and provolone." Dave learned that meant it was topped with onions and Cheez Whiz.

"I work out," Wells said. "Not to be in shape. I work out so I can keep eating these!"

"That's a good plan!" Dave said.

We met another customer, Mel, whose order was similar, but with a twist.

"So, I got the cheesesteak, but on a pickle bun," she said. "So my trainer should be happy about that."

You can see more of Dave's Hoagies and Hops visit in the media player above, and see some past Good News stories in the links below.

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