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Going Green: Indiana State Parks

Getting fresh air and sunshine can be so good for our mental health.

The 25 State Parks scattered across Indiana range from sandy beaches to steep ravines and ridges, from serene lakes to cascading waterfalls.

Many of our park’s offer the opportunity for canoeing, fishing, biking, horse back riding and of course, hiking.

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise with all levels of difficulty offered.


Don’t forget to bring your own re-usable water bottle. It’ll help keep you hydrated.

When you visit a park, be kind to the environment and to historical sites. Look at and enjoy and stay on the marked trails.


If you see trash on the ground, take a re-usable trash bags, stick your hand inside the bag and scoop up the trash. Then dispose of it properly.

Be considerate to those around you. Take in the fresh air and relish in the sounds of nature. This is true Zen time!


There is lots to do in a State Park, like walking, running, biking, fishing and picnicking. But there is so much to see in a State Park. Have a nature scavenger hunt with your kids!


Make a list of items for your kids to search for, like a dead leaf, a green leaf, an acorn, a rough rock and so on.

Your kids could even take a picture to document it. Just have fun with it! It’ll be a great adventure and learning experience.

There are many nature scavenger hunt list ideas on Pinterest.

Here are links to a few:

You can also visit the Indiana State Parks website here.