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Friday Fit Tip: Write it down

When you create your workout plan, consider writing it down. Stick to it. There's lots of ways to do it.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — Today's Friday Fit Tip suggests you have a plan for your workout.  

Don't go to the gym and just get on the cardio machine for 30 minutes and call it a day, but rather really think about what is it you want to work on.

Do you want to work on legs? Do you want to work on arms? Do you want to have an interval workout?  

Write it down and stick to it. There are a lot of different ways to do it.  

I love the whiteboard because you can write it out and track your progress along the way. They've created these boards here at Survival Fitness in Westfield. This is a really great thing. You can write it down, you might be working out with a partner and you might be going down the left side and they may be going down the right, but this is a way for you to keep track.  

You can laminate pages with different items and make a boot camp at home, so you can make different activities where you say 'I'm going to move through these different stations' and time it with an app on your phone.  

And you can make it a mystery workout. Put the ideas into a bucket and pull out a couple for your workout that day.  You can put weights and intervals all in one. 

It helps you get that sense of accomplishment and really targets your workout to the goals you have so you can be a Best You.     

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