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Free health clinic for veterans in Fishers

Vets and active duty members received free dental care at a Fishers dental office.

UPDATE: The health clinic and its workers were able to help 85 veterans and have given an estimated $60,000 in free dental treatment.

FISHERS, Ind. (WTHR) – It’s a weekend, but the doors of Village Dental of Saxony are open and adorned with red, white and blue ribbons.

Behind the front desk is a large American flag.

Vets and active duty members received free dental care at the Fishers dental office.

It’s part of Village Dental of Saxony’s annual Veterans Day event.

Dr. Claire Macintyre who is a co-owner of the practice said they have provided over $100,000 in dental care to service members over the last three years.

“I thank them for their service also just as much as they thank us for our service,” said U.S. Army Infantry Veteran Freddy Meadoh.

The dentists and oral hygienists are offering up to two hours of work total per patient, and it’s all completely free.

“All the hard work and sacrifices that we did, made for this country and then to have a special day like this for us, it’s a great feeling and an honor,” said Meadoh.

Airforce Veteran Julia Erb said she’s impressed that fellow Americans “care enough to do this for us.”

“And I don’t have insurance. So having what I had done today helped in my pocket,” she added.

Dr. MacIntyre said the clinic has done “everything you can think of” procedural during this Veteran’s Day.

“We’ve done extractions, crowns, fillings, cleanings, talked to people about dentures, implants, “ said Dr. MacIntyre.

Walk-ins are welcome during the Veteran’s Day dental clinic, but people are encouraged to sign up ahead of time.

“We’re doing everything we can,” said Dr. MacIntyre.

Doctors say oral health is a vital cornerstone of overall wellness.

“The bacteria that’s in your mouth it can actually effect things like you heart, and brain and pregnancy,” said Dr. MacIntyre.

Meadoh said he’s grateful for the health coverage he has but says he believes there’s a difference between health benefits for active duty and veterans.

“Once you get out, life is different, because you know you’re covered while you’re active. Twenty years, you know, it’s a long time, it’s a long time to serve this country. And when you get out, you’re not as covered,” said Meadoh.

Several vets described the way this Veteran’s day dental clinic made them feel using the same word “special.”

Village Dental of Saxony said their goal was to serve a hundred veterans and active duty members in the Indianapolis area.

Dr. Macintyre said she believes the clinic will surpass this goal.