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Franklin College requesting students report vaccine status

The college said some distinctions will be made between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students, such as surveillance testing, wearing masks and studying abroad.

FRANKLIN, Indiana — Franklin College is collecting information on all students' vaccination status ahead of the fall semester.

According to a news release on the school's website, Franklin College is not requiring students to get the vaccine, but there may be some restrictions and limitations for students who are not vaccinated.

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Students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Will not have to participate in surveillance testing (unless required for athletic compliance)
  • Will not have to quarantine if identified through contact tracing (unless symptomatic)
  • Will not have to wear masks indoors or outdoors
  • Will not have to practice social distancing
  • Will be eligible for study away programs

Students who are not vaccinated will be under different protocols, such as: 

  • Will be required to participate in surveillance testing (at their own expense; details about cost and frequency of testing to be announced)
  • Will be required to isolate or quarantine, off campus, if positive or identified through contact tracing
  • May have to wear masks indoors in some circumstances
  • May have to practice social distancing in some circumstances
  • Will not be eligible for study away programs

As an incentive to get vaccinated, Franklin College is entering all students who are fully vaccinated into a raffle to win prizes, including: 

  • Ten $100 gifts card to the bookstore
  • Two designated parking spots in residential parking
  • One free meal plan for the year

All students, regardless of their vaccine status, are asked to submit documentation of their vaccine plans and status at the following link.

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