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Forrest Lucas buys Corydon railroad

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Jennie Runevitch/Eyewitness News

Harrison County - There was a huge announcement Thursday from the man whose name will grace the new Colts stadium. Forrest Lucas broke the news that he is now the owner of a short line railroad. It will have an impact on Lucas' small hometown of Corydon.

Forrest Lucas isn't shy about his fondness for putting his name on things. From the new Colts stadium to his motor oil products to motorsports, he's now adding locomotives to his growing automotive business.

"I don't know anything about running a railroad," Lucas said with a laugh.

But he's going to learn. Lucas Oil Products purchased the Louisville New Albany & Corydon Railroad. It's a seven-figure economic investment in a shortline that serves his own hometown and production plant.

"it was either shut down, go somewhere else, or buy a railroad. So we bought a railroad," said Lucas.

That will attract development and keep hundreds of jobs there and help Lucas Oil expand its facility. As for future growth, particularly moving his corporate headquarters from California to Indiana, Forrest Lucas says it's certainly a possibility, but would take serious incentives - like his oil used in state or city vehicles.

"The governor has given us the opportunity to prove our products are a better value than what they've been using, and if the test works, which I think it will, I'm sure it could happen," he said.

If the headquarters moved, Lucas says it would be to Brownsburg or Indianapolis. Until then, his commitment to Corydon is right on track.