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Fitness studio challenge encourages kindness

Fitness studio in Carmel launched a kindness challenge to spread positivity throughout community.

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) - Working out on a regular basis is a challenge of its own. At InCycle in Carmel, Cathy Miller is pushing her classes to take it a step further to do more, to be better and to spread kindness.

"It seems like there are so many times when we turn on the news and read the paper, there's so much harshness, and there's so much meanness,” said InCycle Owner Cathy Miller. “So if we could do something that could promote kindness. Start it small, and then hopefully send it outside these walls into the community wouldn't that be a great thing?”

And just like that a great thing was born, and it’s called the InCycle Kindness Challenge. It's 28 days of good deeds. People who workout at InCycle are being asked to do at least one act of kindness for each day in the month of February such as leaving a generous tip, giving an unexpected hug and sharing a smile with a stranger.

“Leave the door open for somebody,” said InCycle Instructor and Marketing Director Carmen Berglund. “Put somebody's grocery cart away for them when they're in the parking lot. Write a handwritten note. We just don't do that stuff anymore. It's texting."

Miller added, "Then we made kindness cards so once you extend kindness to someone then you can also give them a card that asks them to pass it on."

The InCycle Kindness Challenge is already having a ripple effect and kids are even taking note.

Miller said a first grader named Addison told her mom she wanted to be apart of the Kindness Challenge after she overheard her mom talking about it. So Addison made posters with kind messages and stopped by InCycle with her one day. She walked through the studio holding one of her signs.


"Every single person in that class left with a full heart, a big smile, and it was another way to spread kindness,” said Miller.

Miller hopes this challenge extends beyond just this month. She also hopes it spreads into other communities as well.

"Maybe it gives someone else an idea to do a kindness challenge and then someone else and then someone else,” said Miller. “And then who knows maybe thousands if not millions of people are creating random acts of kindness every day."

All this month, they've also been collecting gently used and new shoes at InCycle. They'll be donating them to "Changing Footprints." It's an organization that gives shoes to kids who don't have any. The InCycle family is also already talking about what it can do next for the community. Their next undertaking is to get a group of people together to donate blood.