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Farmers come to help work family's fields after deadly accident

More than 10 combines and tractors came to help work the family's field.

ARCADIA, Ind. (WTHR) - A community is showing its heart by helping a family cope with tragedy.

It's all in the wake of an accident that killed a 43-year-old husband and father while he was harvesting his crop.

"This community always rallies around each other," said one Hamilton County farmer.

This week, the local farming community did just that following a tragedy for one of their own.

Anthony Etchison died when a combine ran over him after he fell off the equipment while harvesting soybeans Wednesday night.

One day later, Stephanie Etchison posted images on Facebook from a Hamilton Heights student showing more than 10 combines and tractors helping work the family's field.

"It always brings it home when you have a farm accident," the farmer explained.

He asked not to be identified, eschewing any credit for helping the Etchison family.

Even as they grieved, farmers from across Hamilton and Tipton counties came together in the days following Etchison's death and finished harvesting his crops.

"You're talking a mass effort with the whole community," the farmer said.

Much of the work captured by a local teen who himself comes from a fifth-generation farming family.

"We're all close together. It's part of the families. We're all there for each other. We have each other's back," the teen said.

"Good family. Good people and they're forever changed," the teen's dad added.