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Family gathers at vigil for man killed outside Indianapolis funeral home

"I never would have thought I would see one of my kids killed in front of me," Pam Grant said.

INDIANAPOLIS — It's been one week since someone shot and killed a young man outside an Indianapolis church where a funeral was being held.

The victim's mother saw it happen. 

Jermaine Turman's family held a vigil for him on Friday. The didn't want us to say where because they're afraid and traumatized. 

And who could blame them?

Pam Grant is a mother doing her best to keep it together.  

"I'm OK," she said. "I try not to do it in front of them, but you can only hold it in for so long." 

The waves of grief keep coming, sometimes without warning, every time she remembers watching her only son, her youngest child, die right in front of her last weekend. 

Credit: WTHR/Rich Nye

"I seen it, my son, I seen him get shot and I seen him fall to the ground. I seen them working on him to try and save him and he died right in front of me," said Grant.

Grant says they were outside a near-northeast side church after a funeral for Turman's mother-in-law. 

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Turman had only been married to his wife, Shannon, a few months when her mother passed away. The couple had been planning a wedding reception for this weekend. Instead, they are planning a funeral. 

Police say Shannon's former husband came to the funeral and shot Turman. 

"When he pulled up, he had the window down and he looked me straight in the eye and my son was right next to me and he just pulled out a gun so fast and he just shot him," Grant said.   

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Grant said she doesn't remember the next few moments, except for watching a man whose name she doesn't know try to save her son's life. 

"He was doing the chest compressions and he was like, 'I got him back' and then my son opened his eyes and he looked over at me like, "Mama, I'm shot, help me,' and he said, 'I'm losing him' and I lost him and he's, like, he's gone." 

Grant said her daughter-in-law had a protective order against her ex-husband. It wasn't enough to stop him. Now instead of dancing at her son's wedding reception, she will be laying him to rest, knowing that eventually, she will likely be in a courtroom, looking into the same eyes she did last week, those of the man she said took her son's life.

"I never would have thought I would see one of my kids killed in front of me," Grant said.

Grant is no stranger to the heartbreak of losing a child at the hands of another person. She lost her oldest daughter seven years ago, killed by a hit-and-run driver who eventually turned himself in. 

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