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Enjoying Memorial Day outside at a distance from others

“Fresh air, exercise, I think that's the healthy choice,” said Linda Wakefield.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Indianapolis residents enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day with the beauty of the outdoors at Eagle Creek Park, still keeping a safe social distance from one another to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"Most people seem to be keeping their distance pretty well, staying in their family groups,” said Kyle Rechard, who was hiking with Michelle Stanley. “You don't see a lot of masks. No one's really wearing a mask or anything like that."

"When we go to stores, we wear masks just as a precaution,” said Barb Van Gorp, sitting under the shade of a tree reading with her husband, Terry. “But here at Eagle Creek, I think it's good. There's not anybody very close."

"When we go on the trails, people step aside and let other ones go around,” said Steven Bradley, who was birdwatching at a family gathering. “I noticed that more while searching for birds and such, being on the paths. Everyone that is fishing seems to be taking their distance."

One of the best ways to find your own space was out on the water. Linda Wakefield, a kayaker from Westfield, said she felt absolutely safe.

“Fresh air, exercise, I think that's the healthy choice,” Wakefield said.

People waited in line to rent canoes after waiting in vehicle lines just to get in the park. Families seemed anxious to get together and get outside after two months of coronavirus quarantine.

"It's great,” said Chanta Davenport, during a family picnic. “It's been a long time since all of us have been able to get together. So this is an actual blessing where we get to see each other."

Indianapolis city park pools remain closed on what would have been a big opening weekend. Out on Geist Reservoir, boaters did their best to practice social distancing between watercraft parked on the water.

"As long as you're aware of how much space is between you and the people next to you and around you, you'll probably be fine,” Stanley said. “I definitely am more aware of it. I consciously create a little bit more space when I'm out and about. But it's worth it to be able to be outside and enjoy the weather."

Going outside during a pandemic included a game of keep away.