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Digital detox: Put your athleticism to the test at aerial park in Noblesville

Have you ever heard of an aerial park? There is one in Noblesville, and it's a wonderful way to get outdoors and connect.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Have you ever heard of an aerial park?

There is one in Noblesville, and it's a wonderful way to get outdoors and connect.

While trying it out, Julia Moffitt ran into Melissa Jones and her 11-year-old son, Ryan.

This is the second summer they've been coming to Edge Adventures Aerial Park.

Melissa said they all love it.

"We get to spend time together in the woods pushing our limits just a little bit, in a safe way when you are balancing on logs," she said. "There is that moment up there when you are like ok, I know I'm safe but it's a really great activity for families I think."

Ryan also love the time outdoors with his family.

"I'd say it's a time to get outside just like to have fun in the woods and do something you've never done before," he said. "My favorite is probably the expert because it's the hardest and you do the zip line."

The park is a combination of high rope challenges, with swinging rope bridges, logs and zip lines.

There are five different courses ranging in difficulties, from 16 feet in the air all the way up to 60.

Participants choose their own self-guided course and maneuver their way through different trails with a progressive degree of challenges.

Certified staff are always on-hand to help out those who are climbing.

Edge Adventures provides all safety equipment: helmet, harnesses, belays and gloves.

Guest will participate in a safety briefing and practice course.

Ellie Broyles is one of the managers and loves her job.

"Honestly it is so much more than a park," Broyles said. "It's a way to connect with the family in a different way leave phones in the car and just come out and enjoy nature in a different way than you probably ever have before."

Kids as young as eight years old can do the courses.

WTHR's Julia Moffitt gave it a go.

E​llie and her guides harnessed Julia up and ran her through the safety course.

"Honestly I thought it would fun, but I did not expect how challenging it was at first," Julia said. "Until you get use to how the cable safety system works, and feel comfortable with it, knowing you won't fall, you hold your breath just a little. But after about two obstacles I finally was feeling comfortable enough to relax and enjoy myself more."

Ellie said it's great when guests realize it's more than just fun, it's a great workout.

"You get to push yourself, you get to balance with arms and legs in a way you never would at a regular gym; it gets them really excited," she said.