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FIRST LOOK: Damage after severe weather outbreak wreaks havoc in central Indiana

At midnight Saturday, we got the first look at the widespread damage from a severe weather outbreak across Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — A line of dangerous storms passed across central Indiana on Friday night, sparking dozens of tornado watches and warnings, downing buildings and powerlines and leaving tens of thousands without power. 

Meteorologists Sean Ash and Angela Buchman were live on air for hours as the warnings were issued. They suspect there will be a handful of confirmed tornadoes that struck central Indiana. The NWS also said they can confidently say there were multiple tornadoes with details to be determined in the coming days. 

And, tornadoes aside, central Indiana counties were being whipped by winds of up to 70 mph. 

Videos from Greenwood and Carmel showed the strengths of those winds as heavy rain fell in the area.

At midnight Saturday, we got the first look at the widespread damage from those storms.

Johnson County was one of the counties hit hard by the storms. 

Emergency responders reported significant damage in Whiteland, east of U.S. 31. 

Stephanie Sichting, the director of the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency, said homes had collapsed, leaving people trapped. And, just after midnight, first responders said they couldn't get to some of those homes because of downed powerlines.

However, firefighters said they were able to eventually safely get the trapped people free. 

Credit: WTHR
A whole section of power lines down on the U.S. 31 southbound lane just south of Whiteland Rd.

13News crews went to Whiteland and saw big trees that had fallen, houses with their roofs off and front doors ripped off. 

Credit: WTHR
Trees down in a neighborhood in Whiteland on March 31, 2023.

13News viewer Tracy Bartak said she was driving in on Whiteland Road, about a mile east of U.S. 31, during the storms. The storm blew out the windows of her car and set off the airbags. No one was hurt, but Bartak said they were a bit shaken up.

Credit: Tracy Bartak
Tracy Bartak said they were hit by the storm while driving on Whiteland Road, about a mile east of U.S. 31. The storm blew out the windows and set off the airbags. No one was hurt, but they're a bit shaken up.

In Martinsville, pictures show debris hurled into the town's square and a brick church with its steeple down and bricks blown into the road.

Viewers also shared photos and videos of other damage in Martinsville, including a large tree pulled from its roots and a destroyed home.

A house in Gas City has reportedly fallen on a homeowner, according to Center Township Fire Rescue. 

Swayzee also had several homes on the ground.

In Yorktown, a tree fell, blocking a county road and taking down powerlines.

500 W is closed currently in between Jackson and Butternut due to a large tree blocking the road way.

Posted by Yorktown Fire Department on Friday, March 31, 2023

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