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Daleville board votes to immediately revoke charters of two virtual schools

The district who authorizes them has voted to revoke charters for two embattled virtual schools.

DALEVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - The charters of two virtual schools have been revoked by the school district authorizing them.

The board of Daleville Community Schools voted Monday to immediately revoke the charters of Indiana Virtual Schools and Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy.

Superintendent Paul Garrison said notice will be sent to students and parents, giving them 30 days to inform Daleville Schools which program their child would transfer to.

“The information we have,” Garrison said, “which includes things like course progress reports and course grades should be sufficient, even without an official transcript, for students to transfer to new programs and schools. We continue working with the Indiana Department of Education to do all the we can to get students what they need to move on.”

As Eyewitness News has reported, the online schools are accused of lying about student enrollment and taking millions of dollars in state money they shouldn't have.