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Criminal justice expert, former officer reacts to IMPD bodycam video of man shot in grandma's driveway

13News has learned the unedited video will not be released while a case remains active. Experts say there are some aspects of the case that are concerning.

INDIANAPOLIS — The family of Anthony Maclin continues to call for three things after he was shot by IMPD officers while asleep in a rental car in his grandmother's driveway.

They want unedited officer body camera footage, for the officers — five-year veteran Carl Chandler, four-year veteran Lucas Riley and three-year veteran Alexander Gregory — to be fired and for the Marion County Prosecutor's Office to criminally charge those officers.

The officers are on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of a lengthy investigation.

The family has filed a tort alerting city leaders that they plan to sue. 

It's pending litigation that IMPD won't comment on.

13News has learned the unedited video will not be released while a case remains active.

Experts say there are some aspects of the case that are concerning.

"I would be concerned about the application of force in this case," said Dennis Kenney, a criminal justice professor with John Jay College and former Florida police officer.

According to Maclin's attorneys, the officers fired at least 30 shots, hitting Maclin three times.

"The point of using deadly force is to neutralize an immediate threat. They fired an awful lot of shots to not neutralize the threat," said Kenney.

Credit: Wagner Reese, LLP
The attorneys on behalf of Anthony Maclin released photos of their client in the hospital after he was shot by police while in a car in his grandmother's driveway.

Kenney said officers are legally authorized to use deadly force in certain circumstances.

"... where a reasonable officer believes that they are at great risk of either death or imminent bodily harm, and they're able to use deadly force to neutralize that threat. Whether or not they had sufficient grounds to make a reasonable officer believe, that is hard to say because the cameras don't really show that from inside the car," said Kenney.

And there are other questions.

"Did he [Maclin] have enough aggressive apparent actions to cause them [officers] to have a reasonable fear for their safety?" said Kenney. "If it was an action that a reasonable officer would interpret to be threatening then they would be justified particularly because it's a gun."

While Maclin's family is calling for accountability, Kenney says accountability is more than just prosecuting an officer.

"Officers need to be properly trained. Investigations need to be done in a coherent and clean, transparent means. The policies on deadly force need to be clearly stated so the public understands them before the action, not after the action. And agencies need to be able to demonstrate that they are taking the lessons learned from investigations, even if the shooting is ruled to be a good shooting, there's still lessons that can be learned," said Kenney.

Maclin's attorneys tell 13News they will wait for the investigation to play out before releasing any new information.

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