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Couple stranded in Indy frustrated over Southwest Airlines' lack of transparency

A couple stranded in Indy said they're frustrated by Southwest Airlines' lack of transparency and that being stranded is costing them more than they bargained for.

INDIANAPOLIS — It's been a chaotic few days for Nathan Hurst and his wife who are from California. They are stranded in Indianapolis because of the mass cancellations by Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend and another more than 360 flights were canceled and 1,400 were delayed on Monday. The third straight day of large-scale cancellations left thousands of passengers stranded and upset.

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The Hurst's flight was canceled with their next flight out rescheduled for Wednesday. Hurst spent Sunday at the airport trying to get them aboard a flight departing sooner.

Monday, he shared one small victory— they are scheduled to fly out Tuesday, but he's not holding his breath.

"After you been canceled a couple of times, you're not sure unless you're on that plane," said Hurst.

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A number of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed or canceled Monday, Oct. 11 following a weekend of major disruptions that the airline blamed on bad weather and air traffic control issues.

Hurst is frustrated because of what he calls a lack of transparency from the airline.

"Felt like we were getting the runaround. I can handle almost any situation. Just tell me the truth. I'm used to that as a pastor. If you're not giving me the information so I can deal with it, it's frustrating," said Hurst. 

Southwest Airlines said bad weather and air traffic control issues were to blame for the cancellations and the airline as well as the pilots union denied claims that pilots are conducting a sickout or slowdown to protest Southwest mandating employee vaccinations. 

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The couple's "extended stay" has added up with unexpected expenses for a motel, food, rental car, and extra clothing.

But Hurst said he is prepared to spend a little more if it means getting him home before Wednesday.

"I think if they cancel one more time I'm just going to get in the car and drive. You can only be put off so many times. Thank goodness for credit cards. We will just have to pay it off over time," said Hurst. 

As for planning flights on Southwest in the future, Hurst said he has another flight scheduled in November, and he's hoping for the best.

"I think you ought to plan for a little extra. I will the next time I fly," said Hurst.

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