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Community group calls for even more testing, free treatment for COVID patients

13 percent of of the state's residents live in Marion County, but the county accounts for 30 percent of Hoosier COVID-19 deaths.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - As Indiana gets ready to move into another phase of reopening, there is mounting concern from some community leaders.

“We are concerned because our health is at risk. We are concerned because amid the calls to reopen we still see new cases every day,” said Faith in Indiana's Anthony Harvey.

The organization held a town hall Thursday evening, calling on the state to do more contact tracing, more testing and more treatment.

“We should guarantee no-cost treatment for COVID-19,” said Melanie Moore. “And include support services so when vulnerable people test positive, they are immediately connected to food shelter and medicine they will need.”

Right now in Indiana, there are more than 200 sites to get tested for anyone with symptoms or in high-risk groups. But Faith in Indiana says they want testing for anyone, period.

“When our government cares for us, they ensure the safety for the most vulnerable among us,” said Harvey.

Indianapolis has one of the highest concentrations of COVID-19. 13 percent of Hoosiers live in Marion County, but it accounts for 30 percent of all COVID-19 deaths.

“No matter our race, religion or zip code, Hoosiers care deeply about our families. During this crisis, we've seen health workers, public school employees, and grocery clerks step up and keep us safe,” said Sa‘ra Skipper, Faith in Indiana leader at Crossroads AME Church in Indianapolis. “Governor Holcomb should guarantee no-cost testing and treatment for everyone.”

In response, Holcomb’s office says the state continues to add new testing locations, and reminds that Medicaid coverage has been expanded during this pandemic.