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Coin valued for over $1,700 placed in Richmond Salvation Army kettle

The unexpected donation could not have come at a better time.

RICHMOND, Ind. — Someone dropped a little surprise into a Salvation Army red kettle in Richmond, Indiana. 

"As we were processing kettles, the person that was helping me unfolded a $5 bill and found a gold Kruggerand wrapped in a $5 bill," said Maj. Marion "Cappy" Moore of the Richmond Salvation Army. "I don’t think she knew what it was right away."

But Moore recognized the South African gold coin right away. 

"It was an exciting moment," he said. "The first thought that went through my mind is 'God still wants this work to go on here in Richmond,' and I was very encouraged."

Moore said in his 17 years with the Salvation Army, he's never gotten such a large coin.

"Back in '07 or '08, I received a small gold coin that was only a tenth of an ounce" Moore said. "And this is a full ounce, so it's more than ten times as exciting."

Credit: Richmond Salvation Army
An anonymous donor dropped a gold coin worth more than $1,700 into a Salvation Army red kettle in Richmond, Indiana.

He said the 1971 Kruggerand was appraised at $1,758 by a coin shop ready to purchase the collectors item. But that Richmond Salvation Army wants to see if others are interested, so that they can get the most money possible for the coin. All the proceeds will go Richmond Salvation Army and the local work they do to help the community.  

The timing of unexpected gift couldn't have been better.

"It helped us to be at a goal of matching $7,000 on that Saturday, and generous people throughout the community stepped up. And when we cash that gold coin in, we will reach that $7,000 goal for that match," Moore said.

It's clear the anonymous donor had a heart of gold as well. Richmond Salvation Army had a message for the anonymous anonymous donor: Thank you for helping those in need.

Anyone interested in purchasing the gold coin should contact the Richmond Salvation Army by calling 765-966-7791.

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