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City-County Councilor says man tried to intimidate him with a gun

Jared Evans said it began when he tried to ask a man to pick up trash that had been thrown from a car.

INDIANAPOLIS — If you saw someone littering right in front of you, what would you do?

For one Indianapolis leader, his response landed him in a frightening encounter with a stranger.

“It’s quite frustrating why anybody would just think that they could throw garbage out in a drive thru and expect somebody else to pick it up for them,” said Indianapolis City-County Councilor Jared Evans. 

Evans said he watched it happen last Wednesday morning at a McDonalds on West Washington Street.   

The irony is that Evans was the one picking up litter on the westside just a few weekends ago, during a community-wide clean up. 

“I’m thinking about all those other people that volunteered and spent two or three hours of their time to pick up other peoples’ garbage, and then you’ve got this idiot throwing out garbage outside his car,” Evans said. 

“I laid on my horn and pointed at the garbage. The individual didn’t like it too much,” said Evans, something evident, Evans says, when the man waited for Evans to pull beside him and pulled out a gun. 

“He didn’t point the weapon at me," Evans recalled. "He did just pull it out from his side and pull it forward, pointing down, clearly meant as intimidation and he kept making a comment about, ‘You’re going to mind your business or you’re going to learn,’” Evans said. 

“I told him ‘absolutely no, you’re not going to teach me anything,’” Evans said. 

Rather than escalate the situation more, Evans says he decided to drive away. 

According to Evans, the man passed seconds later in traffic. 

“He then takes his hand and gestures like he’s shooting me with his hand,” said Evans. 

After getting the man’s license plate number, Evans called police, who are investigating. Evans hopes the man is charged with intimidation. 

“When you’ve got a gun in front of me and you’re asking me 'am I going to learn', I think that says ‘are you going to learn or am I going to have to shoot you,’” Evans said.

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