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Candidate seeks photo with Letterman, leaves with campaign contribution

Jeannine Lee Lake says she just wanted a picture with David Letterman. She said she left with a "wad of cash."

MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) - An Indiana 6th district Congressional candidate struggling for attention and money got both on Wednesday.

(Photo provided)

A stroke of luck brought Jeannine Lee Lake face-to-face with David Letterman on Wednesday afternoon.

Lake was having lunch with her campaign staff in a downtown Muncie cafe when she "noticed a guy who looked like a casually-dressed Old Testament Abraham."

Lake said she wasn’t certain it was Letterman until she spotted his Italian leather shoes.

She introduced herself as a Democrat running for Congress and asked for a picture with Letterman for her campaign. According to Lake, Letterman replied “I can do better than that, how about a big wad of cash?”

Letterman made a donation on the spot, posed for pictures and moved on.

"He was so gracious, bless his heart," Lake said.

Win or lose, Lake has a campaign story that will last a lifetime.