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Butler Blue IV surprises Westfield High School senior with offer

Connor Housefield got a visit from Butler's mascot Wednesday.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — A Westfield High School student got a house call Wednesday from Butler University's popular mascot, 

At a time when every day can feel like the one before, an unexpected visitor, even one with four legs, can make the day better. 

That’s what happened to Westfield High School senior Connor Housefield. 

When Housefield answered a knock at his door Wednesday afternoon, he found Butler Blue IV on his front step. 

“My name is Evan and this is, of course, Butler Blue the Fourth,” said Evan Krauss, Blue’s owner, told Housefield. 

Krauss and and Blue then announced that there was a spot at Butler University for Housefield next fall, if he wants it. 

“This is so cool,” said Connor. 

“Every day, we hope that he brings a smile and a minute of joy to all his friends and fans,” said Krauss of Blue IV. 

Credit: WTHR

Wednesday’s visit was one of only six house visits Blue has done since the start of the pandemic. Before that, he was relying on Zoom calls, like many of us. 

“We were able to surprise students all across the country,” Krauss explained. 

“We have his bed set up. We have his Butler pillow and we have a little webcam. He’s usually gnawing on a bone or eating some treats, but people love it,” Krauss added. 

Housefield appreciated the in-person... or “in-dog” visit. 

“It definitely makes me feel like, ‘Dang!’ They really want me,” Housefield said.. 

Housefield hasn’t made his final decision, but if Blue IV has anything to say about it the soon-to-be college freshman will be yelling ‘Go Dawgs!’ before long.