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Mother-daughter concierge team will run your errands, organize your life

A mother-daughter team on Indy's north side are happy to run your errands and organize your life.

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — As COVID-19 numbers have been rising over the past few months and more people have been staying indoors, a mother-daughter team on the north side of Indianapolis have found themselves in high demand. They call themselves "2 Busy Bees," and they're happy to run your errands and organize your life.

“We’re a mother-daughter duo concierge service,” Monique Dominguez said, “because we manage people's needs, we were like, ‘Hey, we're busy as bees!’” 

Rather than being a personal assistant to just one person, Monique and her mom, Teresa Dominguez, are personal assistants to many Zionsville residents.  

“That's why we're ‘2 Busy Bees!’” Teresa said.  

“We offer dry cleaning [pickup], we will run to the post office and do stamp purchases or [postage] drop-offs, item returns, grocery shopping, personal shopping, home organization, contractor and vendor management,” Monique said.  

 And it’s all done with smiles on their faces. 

“I mean, we enjoy it. We're passionate about it,” Teresa said. 

“We consider it fun because we are maybe a little OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder],” Monique said. “We think, ‘Yeah, we can help get somebody organized!’ This is exciting! It's fun!” 

2 Busy Bees will quote you a price before they perform the service, which can range from organizing a sock drawer to organizing your entire house and garage.

“We take on any size project,” Monique said. “So we work on projects as small as a pantry organization for spices all the way to a garage or full-blown home organization where it's multiple rooms. You name it, we'll do it.” 

 “Large or small, we've done them all,” Teresa said. 

Watch the full interview:

Now with the omicron variant sending COVID-19 case numbers soaring again, Monique and Teresa find themselves busier than ever.   

“Certainly, folks maybe don't want to go out as often, so they'll rely on us to go do the grocery shopping or pick up the dry cleaning,” Monique said. “We comply with all CDC guidelines, so we'll wear a mask or gloves.” 

The two California natives are currently serving the Zionsville area, but they're hoping to hire more "Busy Bees" in the near future so they can expand their services to Carmel, Westfield, Fishers and Noblesville. 

If you’re looking to hire these 2 Busy Bees, here’s how you can contact them: 

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