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Businesses, employees impacted by unemployment in wake of COVID-19 restrictions

The Indiana unemployment rate could spike yet again.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Indiana unemployment rate could spike yet again.

​"Non-essential" businesses will be closing in the coming days.​

​On Monday, the state received 38,000 calls about unemployment.​

​"Bills are continuing, they don't stop just because you close down," said Connie Oats, co-owner of Michael's Soul Kitchen.​

​Oats and co-owner Romeo Gerson opened the soul food restaurant and jazz lounge in downtown Indy about a year ago.​

Last week, owners were forced to close, leaving about 20 workers unemployed. Many of those workers were also laid off from their other jobs. ​

​"We wanted everybody to be safe and we wanted to be safe ourselves," Oats said.​

​Oats said she'll apply for loans or grants but said the need is immediate.​ Until then, she's coming up with new ways to make ends meet. ​

​​The restaurant will begin offering carry-out and partnering with delivery services like GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats.​

​Oats is also trying to offer low-cost meals to seniors.​

​"I don't really think you understand how blessed you are until something is gone and especially if it's gone overnight," Oats said.​