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'It's still so confusing' | Avon couple questioned after their trash ends up in theater's dumpster

Katrina Meyer said trash collection from her home has never been a problem, but somehow, her trash recently ended up in a local business' dumpster.

AVON, Ind. — For Katrina Meyer, having her trash collected every Tuesday has never been a problem.

On Wednesday, she said her husband received an unusual voicemail message.

"I listened to it, and they said that they were calling from Regal Shiloh Crossing 18 movie theater in Avon, and that they had found some of our trash in their dumpster and that we aren't allowed to dump there," said Meyer.

Confused, Meyer called the theater directly.  

She said the general manager told her they found her phone number on a box inside their dumpster.

"The first thing we were trying to do is figure out how our trash could've gotten there, because we didn't put it there," said Meyer. "It's still so confusing. We have no reason to dump our trash."

Meyer said she has been using Republic Services for trash collection for 10 years and have never had a delay in service.

13News contacted the Regal movie theater by phone.

A manager told us people have been dumping their trash there for the last two years.

It's gotten so bad, the theater had to order an additional pickup each week to haul away other people's trash, like Amazon boxes and holiday wrapping paper.

Meyer believes someone may have stolen her trash.

She even contacted the Hendricks County Sheriff's Office and posted about it on Facebook.

"I was hoping to find someone else that had that happen so I could connect the dots whether it's the same provider, whether it's the same street of the trash that they picked up," said Meyer.

There is one thing she noticed.

"I was thinking, 'Well, what would have had our phone number on it?,' but just a few minutes later I got a delivery in the mail, one of our regular subscriptions and our phone number was right on the box. So, I think it's in more places than people realize and just don't pay attention," said Meyer.

But it is still a mystery as to how her trash ended up a mile away from her Avon home in a Regal movie theater's dumpster.

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