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Atlanta doctor does her part to protect children against COVID-19

Little Lives PPE partners with Atlanta Children's Shelter to help all children get PPE.

ATLANTA — As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the country, an Atlanta doctor is doing her part to protect children against the coronavirus.

Atlanta pediatrician Dr. Samira Brown, along side her friends Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson and Alexandra Stanton launched Little Lives PPE this summer. 

“From a pediatrician’s perspective, I certainly knew that children were going to need PPE, and there wasn’t going to be a lot of available non-toxic PPE that fits children adequately," explained Dr. Brown.

The company makes non-toxic reusable PPE equipment that specifically fits children. They recently released a disposable children's face mask this month. They also offer mini-face shields for children and mega shields for teens. The Little Lives PPE Face Shield is made with non-toxic plastic and a non-toxic medical foam that eliminate gaps between the shield and the forehead to keep viral droplets out. 

Brown said the fit of PPE is critical to protection.

"Part of the protection that we can provide is really based on the fit and the quality of the product," Brown said.

Little Lives PPE is going one step further with their efforts by partnering with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. Allison Griffith with the ACS said that the partnership has taught their families about the importance of wearing PPE.

"Dr. Brown has also done video workshops to explain to the children why it is so important to wear the equipment. We’re just grateful for the partnership and to have this essential protection for our children while they’re here with us at school," explained Griffith.

Little Lives PPE has also partnered with Win, the largest provider of shelter and supportive housing for homeless families in New York City. The company has donated about $1,000 in face shields to both shelters. They also have an option on their website for users to donate a face shield to either shelter.