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Answering some of your questions about COVID 19, government response to the outbreak

WTHR is getting lots of questions that affect a lots of people lots of ways. And we're here to try and answer some of them.
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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — WTHR is getting lots of questions that affect a lots of people lots of ways. And we're here to try and answer some of them.

Here are some of the questions we've been asked concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Q: “My husband and I owe back taxes, not a lot, but we make payments monthly to federal. How will this affect us in getting a check?”

A: The IRS is giving taxpayers a break. Wednesday they announced that people on existing installment agreements may suspend making those payments during a period from April 1 until July 1. That’s three months. It is all part of the Internal Revenue Service’s People First Initiative. To give all taxpayers some financial breathing room, the federal tax filing, which is normally April 15, and payment deadline have been pushed back to July 15.

There were also questions about getting a check. We assume that’s the just approved federal stimulus checks millions of Americans will receive. The IRS doesn’t have any information yet. Keep checking this website for updates: www.irs.gov/coronavirus

Q: “Living across from a golf course and seeing multiple people out playing, is this considered 'essential' or more like recreation and permissible?"

A: Yes, yes, yes. The Indy parks department said golf courses qualify to stay open under the governor’s order to shut down nonessential businesses. Nine of the city’s 12 courses are open with restrictions and guidelines. No cash, no congregating in the clubhouse, visitors must stay at least six feet away from other golfers.

City parks are open as well. Visitors are encouraged to keep their distance, run around, hike the trails, have fun. But playgrounds and park buildings are of limits.

A: “If virus is killed at 26 degrees and below, why can’t protective gear be put in huge freezers so they may be reused?”

Researchers still have a lot to learn about COVID 19. On its website, the World Health Organization said that cold weather and snow cannot kill the new coronavirus.

That said, WTHR is told researchers and hospitals are trying to find out how to re-sanitize what is usually disposable person protection gear.

Not all questions right now have answers, but working together, we'll get answers to what we can and get through this together.