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A local school nurse has been working with Ector County School District for 20 years

Alan Pitt has been serving ECISD schools as a school nurse for years and really enjoys doing his job.

ECTOR COUNTY, Texas — Alan Pitt has been a registered nurse for in a wide range of facilities. 

"I've worked at the hospital, I've done home health, for a while, I did hospice for a while," says Pitt.

After working in different places, he decided to make a transition into schools.

"Kind of natural progression I just kind of went this way and started doing it 20 years ago and enjoyed it and stayed with it," he says. 

For 20 years, he's worked as a school nurse, four of those years spent at Ector College Prep. 

The kids are a big reason why Nurse Pitt has stayed within schools every year.

He says, "most nurses don't get to see kids or patients when they're not sick and we do, and we get to see them at their best and when they're not feeling well.

"We have our students that come in for daily prescribed medication and then we have just a variety of everything that happens every day, its different every day."

Whether a student is feeling ill or needing to take their daily dose of medicine, Nurse Pitt makes them feel comfortable and connects with them.

"We have our chronic students that come in with conditions; like diabetes or asthma and we get to see them every day and you look forward to seeing them, every day because you get to know them pretty well and know their personalities," says Pitt.

Being a school nurse has given him the chance to know so many students and staff and has continued to enjoy his job.

"It's a good job, we work with professionals that enjoy working with the kids, they are good at what they do so it makes my job easier," he says.

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