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Court docs: 2 men murder, rob Muncie family; prosecutor says death penalty 'on the table'

Prosecuting attorney Eric Hoffman said it's too early to say whether the death penalty will be sought in this case, but "it is certainly still on the table."

MUNCIE, Ind. — Police have arrested and charged two men accused in the murders of three family members in Muncie last week. 

Devin Myers, 27, faces nine charges — including five counts of murder — and prosecutors say Myers' accomplice, 27-year-old Daniel Jones, faces seven charges including two counts of murder. 

The charges stem from what documents detail as a brutal murder followed by a deadly robbery in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 13. 

Myers and Jones are being held without bond and prosecutors say it's too early to say whether the death penalty will be sought in this case, but "it is certainly still on the table."  

Murder of Kyler Musick

Court documents say Myers and his girlfriend, Alexandra Raegan, went to 19-year-old Kyler Musick's house on Liberty Street on Tuesday night. 

They didn't stay long, and Musick didn't return. 

After they left, Jones said he met Myers and Raegan between 7th and 9th Streets in Muncie. Raegan was driving a Jeep, later identified as Musick's vehicle. 

The couple parked the car and got into Jones' SUV. That's when Myers told Jones that he had "shot his friend in the face, wrapped the body in plastic and then got rid of the body," documents say. Myers also allegedly said Raegan helped wrap up and dispose of the body. 

At the time of this murder, Myers had only been out of jail for a few months. Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said Myers was released from prison in May 2022 after serving time for battery and armed robbery charges. 

Double homicide, home invasion

Jones and Myers later dropped Raegan off and, as they were driving around the city early that morning, decided to go back to Musick's house to get some "pills." 

The pair, both armed with guns, forced their way into Musick's house. Documents say Myers pointed a gun at Musick's mom's head and demanded "stuff and drugs." Myers also allegedly said that if Musick's grandpa woke up, he would kill him. 

The mom walked Myers and Jones to the back of the home where her aunt, 51-year-old Kyndra Swift, was sitting on the couch. 

Myers stayed in the back room with Swift, while Jones went with the mom to her daughter's room. The daughter asked Jones and her mom what was going on, to which Jones replied, "This is a robbery."

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Documents say, that's when the daughter, mom and Jones all told police that they heard two gunshots coming from the back room, where Myers and Swift were. 

Jones ran out of the room and toward the gunfire. The mom took that opportunity to run out of the house and to a neighbor's house to call 911. 

Documents say the mom busted through the neighbor's door and was "hysterical." She told the neighbor, "Call 911, there was a robbery."

The daughter stayed in her room and a short time later, she said she heard two more gunshots coming from the back of the house. Then she saw Myers, who she knew as a friend of Kyler's, walk down the hallway and out of the house. 

Police were called to the house just before 5 a.m. An officer on the way to the house saw a suspect SUV, which was later identified as Jones', and pursued it but eventually lost sight of it. 

When officers arrived, they found Swift and Musick's grandfather, 69-year-old Malcom Perdue, at the back of the house. Both had been shot and were pronounced dead.  

What they allegedly stole

As police investigated, they were able to track down the suspect SUV that had been pursued immediately following the shooting. It was parked in the 200 block of East Willard Street. 

When he got there at around 5:30 a.m., he woke up the mother of his child and told her to turn off the SUV's lights and to grab the bag he threw in a tent outside the apartment. 

Inside the bag was a small safe taken from Musick's house. Jones broke the safe open. Inside were silver coins and what documents say appeared to be marijuana edibles. 

The search for Kyler Musick

At this point, Musick's body had not been found and authorities didn't know he was dead. When investigators learned who lived at the Liberty Street home, they began looking for Musick and the 19-year-old was reported missing. 

Documents say Muncie Police had  "extensive contact" with Musick recently and during that contact, they saw him driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

His Jeep was found in the 200 block of 9th Street. Investigators said it appeared that his vehicle had been hidden in this location. Police didn't find Musick but, when they searched the Jeep, they found what appeared to be blood in the center console. 

Musick's body was found Thursday, July 14, in the area of 475 East and South Windsor Road in rural Delaware County.  

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Charges and possible penalties

Myers is accused of five counts of murder, and one count of armed robbery, criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and obstruction of justice. 

On Aug. 11, Prosecuting attorney Eric Hoffman charged Myers with five additional criminal offenses: three counts of intimidation, and one count of prisoner possessing a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.

Jones faces seven charges including two counts of murder, one count of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, obstruction of justice, resisting law enforcement and aiding, inducing or causing armed robbery

Myers and Jones could spend between 45-65 years behind bars for each count of murder. Plus, 3-16 years in prison for the confinement and robbery charges and an additional 6 months to 2.5 years for the resisting law enforcement and obstruction of justice charges. 

Beyond these sentences, there is a possibility for the prosecutor to go for a death sentence in this case. 

Hoffman released the following statement about the possibility of the death penalty: 

“At this point in time, it is premature to make a decision one way or the other on whether I intend to seek the death penalty in this case. The investigation is ongoing. However, I can say that it is certainly still on the table.”

Also charged is Alexandra Reagan for assisting a criminal and obstruction of justice.


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