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12-year-old making masks for health workers

Cadence Land learned how to use a sewing machine recently. Now she's using the new skill for an important purpose.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Just a few days shy of her 13th birthday, Cadence Land is answering the call from healthcare workers for more masks.

"My mom’s a nurse, so she gets all the information about what’s going on," said Land.

When she heard about the shortage in other states, Land wanted to start making masks because she knew what was happening on the coasts would likely make its way to the Midwest.

She said "I really enjoy helping people and thought it would be a cool idea" to make masks.

But Land said three weeks ago, she didn't know how to use a sewing machine, until her mom taught her.

Knowing how to make a mask was a different story.

But over time, with a little help on the web from Deaconess Health System in Evansville, she was able to improve her design.

Land's first prototype has frayed, since she made it weeks ago.

"It was a very simple design. Kinda did like a triangle and stitched it,” said Lend, holding up her first mask while on Skype.

But then she found a YouTube video from Deaconess. She said her masks now have “a lot more stability, more filtration and it doesn’t fray because the hems are inside the mask,” she said, showing one of her masks and revealing the two levels of material.

Land has also received help and support from her community.

“We made a few dozen and our church made about a hundred for us and we’re donating them,” said Land.

The almost-teenager said she enjoys crafting and found making the masks very easy. She also said it’s something she thinks other kids could do and enjoy while e-learning at home.