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11-year-old boy bakes pies for hurricane relief

An 11-year-old bakes and sells pies to donate money to help the less fortunate.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — An aspiring baker is using his talents to raise money for the people who were impacted by the hurricanes down south.

Eleven-year-old Anthony makes and sells pies as part of his company, Pies by Anthony.

He was able to give the United Way Hurricane Relief Fund $154 Thursday.

"Why not give? Because they need the money more than we do," said Anthony. "They're in need, so I just decided to donate all the profits."

"They helped us, so why not help them? We have houses and air conditioning and beds, and theirs just got destroyed," Anthony said about donated to victims of the hurricane.

Anthony wants to continue to make pies and sell them for a good cause. Next on the list: cancer charities.