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Thieves steal $500,000 in social security and veteran benefits

Weeks ago, Jennifer Kreegar made a startling discovery — all her funds had been withdrawn from special account setup by the military.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Jennifer Kreegar spent her career working at the National Security Agency for the Army.

Weeks ago she made a startling discovery the day after her monthly disability check was deposited.

"All my funds were withdrawn," she revealed.

It turns out, the government she defended had failed to protect her and hundreds of other recipients from thieves siphoning their Department of Veteran Affairs and Social Security benefits.

Kreegar uses the Direct Express payment program. Direct Express provides electronic payments to 4.5 million Americans with no bank accounts who collect social security, disability and veteran benefits. It is administered by Comerica Bank.

Without warning, Kreegar's money was gone.

And she's not alone.

At least 480 cases like hers were reported in 2018. $500,000 has already been taken.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in hopes of resolving the issue and reimbursing unpaid money to its rightful owners.

To hear how the system failed Kreegar and hundreds of others, tune in tonight at 6.