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Fire at Noblesville power plant results in 10-day shutdown and nervous neighbors

Duke Energy said it took the plant offline immediately after the fire to develop a repair plan for the natural gas yard where the fire occurred.

Bob Segall

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Published: 8:00 PM EST March 6, 2023
Updated: 12:38 AM EST March 7, 2023

The Duke Energy generating station on the north side of Noblesville produces enough electricity to power nearly a quarter-million homes, but for the past week and a half, it generated no electricity at all.

Monday, the power plant in Hamilton County returned to full capacity after a natural gas fire forced a 10-day shutdown that left nearby residents questioning their safety.

"We want to know what happened. That was no small fire and they haven't told us a thing," said Patrick Wood, who lives in a neighborhood just southwest of the power plant.

Wood and his wife called 911 after they heard what sounded like a "low-flying missile" followed by several "booms" on Thursday, Feb. 23.

When Michele Wood came outside to see what had caused the noise, she saw flames shooting into the sky from the Duke Energy property, about 200 yards behind her home.

"It was just so scary," she told 13News. "Knowing that that's gas and there was flames going up in the air, all I thought is, 'This whole area was going to go.'"

Credit: Michele Wood
Michele Wood took a photo of the Duke Energy Noblesville generating station fire from her front porch after calling 911.

Patrick was scared, too.

"Yeah, my neighbor and I both saw those flames, and I was worried that it was going to blow up," he said. "Those flames were taller than the light pole, at least 30, 40, maybe 50 feet high."

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