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IMPD withholding bodycam of officers shooting man parked in grandma's driveway

It remains unclear how the incident, which lasted only a matter of minutes, escalated to the man being shot.

WTHR.com staff

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Published: 8:04 PM EST January 24, 2023
Updated: 4:23 PM EST February 6, 2023

It has been nearly a month since three IMPD officers shot a man who was sleeping in a rental car in his grandmother's driveway. Few details and no body camera footage have been released.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player above is a Jan. 2 report on the shooting.)

We now know the names of the three Indianapolis officers who shot the man: 4-year veteran Lucas Riley, 3-year veteran Alexander Gregory and 5-year veteran Carl Chandler.  

Multiple officers were wearing body cameras when the shooting occurred. None of that video has been made public. 13News has requested the footage. That request was denied. 

13News reviewed major cases for which IMPD and other agencies across the state released bodycam footage over the last year and a half. That review found IMPD consistently released edited bodycam video months after the incident occurred, while other departments have released raw bodycam video within days and, in some cases, hours after the incident. 

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