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Queen of Free shares fitness tips for the financially frugal

Getting in shape might seem like an expensive endeavor. But the Queen of Free says your physical fitness doesn’t have to bankrupt your financial fitness.

INDIANAPOLIS — The cost of a popular January resolution - getting in better shape - can go against another new year goal - to keep finances in check.

New workout clothes, gym memberships and home fitness equipment can help motivate you burn some calories. But those expenses can hurt your bottom line.

On 13Sunrise, Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, shared her advice for jumpstarting your fitness goals while at the same maintaining control of your spending.

Getting started

To start, make sure you have good shoes. That may mean buying a new pair, but that should be your first priority, according to Cherie. "Injuries cost more than shoes. Start on a firm foundation," she wrote in her blog.

Buy used equipment if you can find it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Check Five Below for smaller workout equipment before paying a premium price at a sporting goods chain.

Cherie loves Peloton workouts, but does not own a bike or tread. Instead, she uses their app, which is free for 60 days, and cheaper than a gym membership ($12.99/month) after the free trial. To save yourself from getting charged after the trial, you can sign up with a gift card rather than a credit or debit card.

You Tube is also full of workouts and fitness feeds. 

Workout rewards

If you want to be rewarded for your workout, you might try the Paceline app that links to a number of workout monitors like the Apple Watch and Fitbit. After you complete a workout, the app records your work and compiles points that lead to rewards like a Target gift card or other offerings. 

Join a group

Facebook groups and Instagram channels offer advice and encouragement from like-minded workout partners.

Doing some research online is a great first step.

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