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Procedure improves double chin

A popular procedure in Hollywood is a new remedy for a double chin.

(NBC NEWS) - A popular procedure in Hollywood is a new remedy for a double chin.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a plastic surgeon, explained the high interest in the procedure.

"I think we have seen a lot of celebrities, sort of their jaw shape changing. It's definitely out there and it is definitely being used. And the beautiful thing about it is that its subtle. Patients sort of have a complaint about their double chin and it's up to physician AND surgeon, to say, you know what? This is just isn't fat, this just isn't excess skin, you have a weak jaw," she said.

A female patient saw Dr. Nazarian to improve her profile.

"I just want to be a little more confident in taking close-ups or selfies. You know, better profile," she said. The issue had been bothering her for a few years.

"I think it is an amazing procedure. Its quick, minimal downtime, and it just gives people that optimal version of themselves which is really what my patients come to me for," said Dr. Nazarian.

"What we are going to do for you today is non-invasive chin augmentation and all that means is we are going to use a little bit of filler in order to give you a more ideal profile," Dr. Nazarian explained.

The procedure was a hit with her patient.

"Oh my gosh! I love it," she said. "I am extremely happy with these results."