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Mother warning others after daughter has allergic reaction to popular face mask

It's not what a 9-year-old intended to happen when she put on a unicorn face mask.
Nelle David's face started to burn and puff up after she used a "YES TO" unicorn face mask. (WRC via NewsChannel)

INDIANAPOLIS (WRC-TV) — It's not what a 9-year-old intended to happen when she put on a unicorn face mask.

After just a few minutes of use, Nelle David said her face started to sting.

"I just pulled it off and I'm just like ow my face really hurts and it's really red," Nelle said.

Nelle's mom, Megan, said that she noticed her daughter's face getting redder and it was hot to touch.

The mask, a 'YES TO' VITAMIN C GLOW-BOOSTING UNICORN PAPER MASK that Megan discovered had multiple bad reviews online.

"That said the same thing happened to them," Megan said. "Burning, skin irritation, a lot of people made reference to the fact that they thought it was a chemical burn."

The "YES TO" company released the following statement:

“We apologize to anyone who was affected in this way, especially over the holiday season. While our products are all independently tested for safety, irritation, and allergy and while we provide both warnings and instructions on our products about the potential for skin irritation the safety and satisfaction of our customers are our main concerns. We have decided to pull this particular product off of the shelves while we investigate the complaints that we have received and seen online.”

After about 24 hours, the burning and redness went away, according to Nelle's mom. She said they'll do more research on these products before using them in the future.

From now on, Nelle said she's going to be careful about the face masks she uses.

"I think I'll still do it, but not as often," Nelle said. "And maybe do it with someone else to make sure I don't get burned again."

YES TO responded to Nelle's mom apologizing for what happened and the company offered her a $10 gift card to use at the retailer where she puchased the mask.