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Local ER doctor, family recovering from COVID-19

Dr. Rachel White evaded COVID-19 for nine months, until this time.

INDIANAPOLIS — As hospitals in central Indiana became inundated with COVID-19 patients, Dr. Rachel White was on the front lines working in the emergency room at IU Health North Hospital.

"It just seemed like every single person that walks through an emergency room door has chest pain or abdominal pain or vomiting or any of those symptoms that could be COVID," White said.  

It's a job she loves.

"Being able to pray for my patients and to pray for healing and for strength for me and my team of coworkers," White said.

She was also pregnant.

"It was very frightening as a pregnant woman," White said. "It was scary and it was a difficult decision to not opt out of seeing those patients and to continue to take care of them."

She was offered another option, but chose to stay.

"That's what I was made to do. That's what I've chosen to do for my career," White said.

She delivered a healthy baby boy in July. His name is Grayson.

Credit: Dr. Rachel White
Dr. Rachel White and her son Grayson.

"After the baby,  it was a big breath of relief to know that he was at home and safe, but the next question was how do I keep him safe at home," White said.

Little did she know, she would soon have her own battle to fight.

She became exposed and tested positive for COVID-19.

"Obviously I was upset. I was disappointed in myself for not being able to try to stay away from it," White said.

White said she followed protocol to stay away from the virus at work.

She evaded it for nine months, until this time.

"I immediately told my husband and we had to have the conversation. Do I go in a different part of the house? Do I still try to breast feed my child? Do I try to help take care of the kids?'" White said.

Her entire family got the virus. Her husband Shaun. Her 2-year-old daughter Sophie and her newborn son Grayson.

They chose to be together as a family.

"I just feel like you put your head down and you push through and you take the next step forward," White said.  

Until their fight had been won with a little help, she said, from above.

Credit: Dr. Rachel White
Dr. Rachel White in her PPE.

But not just for her and her family, for her patients too.

"God especially just being able to rely on the inner strength that He gives me and knowing that I'm serving a purpose that's going to help people and make them stronger and healthier," said White.

White has since returned work in the ER at IU North after her 14-day quarantine and evidence of no further symptoms.

She said she and her family experienced a milder form of COVID-19 and are doing much better.