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Kroger offering free telenutrition service during pandemic

Help yourself avoid the "Quarantine 15" with Kroger's free nutrition service that offers diet tips and shopping lists without an in-person visit.

INDIANAPOLIS — Are you experiencing the "Quarantine 15?" That’s the 15 pounds many people have put on because of a lack of physical activity during the pandemic. Well, Kroger has an answer. 

Kroger Health has announced a free telenutrition service to help Hoosiers shop for, prepare and enjoy healthy fresh and non-perishable foods during the COVID-19 crisis.  

"We have our service called telenutrition, where you can meet with a dietitian on a two-way video chat, and we can help you with all of your food nutrition needs," said Amelia Noel, Kroger’s nutrition development program manager.

Here are some of the services Kroger's telenutrition offers: 

  • A complimentary virtual consultation with a registered dietitian via a two-way video chat.
  • Personalized support and plans for individuals and families — whether cooking for the first time, experiencing tighter budgets or navigating reduced access to fresh or favorite foods
  • Management of food-related health concerns, including weight maintenance or loss, gastrointestinal conditions and eating disorders, and nutrition plans associated with fertility, oncology and more

"We cover any and all diets," Noel said. "We're open to anything because you're the expert on you. So you are the one that knows you best. We're the expert on nutrition, so we're just going to bring those two together to figure out what fits best for you."

Kroger’s telenutrition service will remain free for all customers through the pandemic, including Medicare and Medicaid patients. Customers can schedule unlimited visits with the code "COVID."

"One of the things that we're seeing right now is a lot of emotional eating," Noel said. "A lot of people are experiencing stress and anxiety during these times, and they're not sure how to deal with it. We're working with them to talk to them just about 'all foods fit.' It's about how much they're consuming and how often they're consuming these things."

Kroger’s telenutrition experts can even help people with a mean sweet tooth.

"Dietitians are real people, too," Noel laughed. "My favorite food is ice cream, so we can help you find what kind of treats fit for you. We truly believe that all foods fit. It's just a matter of fitting those into our diet in moderation."

To learn more about the telenutrition service or to sign up, click here.

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