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Julia Moffitt talks to nurse close to her heart about working through COVID-19

Julia's sister, Susanne is a nurse in Lebanon and talked about how COVID-19 is affecting her work.

LEBANON, Ind. (WTHR) — One health care worker near and dear to my heart is my sister Susanne. She's a nurse in our hometown in Lebanon.

I talked to her about how she is doing, and all the gear she has to wear to stay safe.

"Well, it's hot. I mean, that's something that I think people don't realize like we're wearing a waterproof gown, and then we put a sterile gown on top of that" Susanne said.

Susanne said she's also wearing shoe covers, two masks and two hats.

"And we're just ones that are in there for maybe 30 or 40 minutes, and then we're out."

But other nurses aren't so lucky. If they're caring for a COVID-19 patient, they have to be in all that equipment for much longer.

"They are just troopers," Susanne said.

She said the typical jovial atmosphere has subsided in the hospital, and there is a palpable fear in place. It's a big change she notices when she walks into work.