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Indiana woman shares stroke survival story

Sherry Mast said an unusual chain of events left her thankful to be alive.

INDIANAPOLIS — Sherry Mast says she'll never forget the day her life changed.

"I woke up probably around 8:30. I went to get a cup of coffee from my Keurig machine, and I couldn't figure out how to operate it," said Mast.

Something was wrong.

"Then I walked over to my iPad and picked that up and I could see words, but I couldn't comprehend," said Mast.

Her daughter-in-law immediately drove her to Eskenazi Hospital.

Sherry was having a stroke.

"We went back down to the neck, and this is where that clot originated from in the neck," said Dr. Juan Tejada at Eskenazi.

Tejada said Sherry was losing blood and oxygen to her brain. She needed two stents to save her from having a massive stroke in the left side of her body.  

"The gold standard treatment would be to get that clot out as fast as you can. You're able to do that up to 24 hours after the stroke starts, but ideally you should be doing it in the first six hours," said Tejada.

Tejada said factors contributing to stroke include high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol and obesity.

Things Mast said she has none of.

It was an unusual chain of events that's left her thankful to be alive.

"I feel it was a miracle. God be the glory," said Mast.

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