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Governor says Indiana is 'remarkably prepared' for COVID-19

The governor said the state has the resources to respond and that the first call a person should make is to their doctor.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — On Tuesday, Governor Eric Holcomb spoke about COVID-19 and how Indiana is handling it.

It comes as the state now has six confirmed cases of the virus.

Here's what the governor had to say:

Avon Schools complete closure

On Monday, March 9, Avon announced the closure of all of its schools after one student tested positive for COVID-19 and another student showed symptoms.

The governor was asked if that response was appropriate.

"They made the right decision for them and that should underscore the main point that we all need to take from this: we need to adapt to the facts on the ground and there is no 'one size fits all,'" Holcomb said.

On Tuesday, Avon distributed food to families who have children that use the breakfast and lunch programs.

How prepared is Indiana to handle COVID-19

Governor Holcomb was asked if the state department of health has a plan, why details of that plan are not being released.

The governor stated there is a plan and it is working and a large portion of it is collaborating with local health officials and communicating to the public what they can and should be doing.

"We're remarkably prepared and you're seeing that play out right now in our coordination. Again, this is all about staying informed to the facts on the ground as they change and they will continue to change," Holcomb said. "We plan to, through the state department of health, continue to put out up to date information on a daily basis."

When asked what the state needs, the governor said at some point more test kits. He said the state has the resources to respond and that the first call a person should make is to their doctor.

He said Hoosiers can also get more information on coronavirus at the ISDH website.

Businesses being understanding

The governor was asked if his office was doing anything to help workers who might not have paid time off, sick days or job security if they need extended time off because of a child out of school or an illness.

"We need to be prepared and fortunately we live in a state with world-class hospitals, with world-class doctors, employers that understand we're all going through this together and that's where we'll derive our strength and that's where we'll get through this," Holcomb said. "As you look around the country and you look at the trends, what we have to do is make sure that people are taking the appropriate steps."

The governor said every employer is different, but they need to work with employees during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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