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Friday Fit Tip: Can you touch your toes?

Touching your toes every day helps keep your core, back and hamstrings fit and flexible.

INDIANAPOLIS — Many people have spent at least part of our time the past year sitting and binge watching television.

But now that spring is here, it's time to do some basic health checks of our fitness level.

The ability to touch our toes is one of them. People with a back injury may not be able to perform a toe touch, and should not try.

But others may be hampered by tight hamstrings, which can be stretched with a belt or long towel held under the balls of your feet and slowly pulled up toward your waist. 

If you stretch hamstrings in both legs before trying to touch your toes, you may find you have more flexibility to reach down farther.

Even if you can't touch your toes today, daily stretching and persistence will hopefully have you touching them by Indy 500 race day!

Watch how to safely practice daily toe touches in the video player.